Before and After

  • Living Room - Before

    Many items don't belong. Door Inaccessible.

  • Living Room - After

  • Office - Before

  • Office - After

  • Basement - Before

  • Basement - After

What our customers say:

“My friend’s condo was in a complete shambles. You were able to sift through mountains of junk, sort out the desirable from the undesirable, organize all items into categories, and arrange everything neatly on shelves, in closet and in boxes.

If anyone is ever to consider hiring you they should know that, in addition to your ability to take a mess and make it a success, you definitely have a gift for adapting and providing solutions that fit the personal needs of the situation.”

Mary F.
Mary F. Brighton, MI

“Although originally hired to organize my aging mother’s apartment, when her circumstances and needs changed dramatically, you quickly assumed additional responsibilities. Because my mother lived 1000 miles away from my home, this skill was invaluable to me.

You were able to … gently remind me of the details about the move, the importance of items having sentimental value, and what my mother’s needs and wants might be in her new residence.”

Patricia N
Patricia N

“it isn’t the ‘weeding out’ and organizing of the accumulation of living in a house for almost 30 years. it isn’t just the fact that we are organizationally impaired collectors! it is more than neat closets and organized drawers, it’s being able to park in the garage and walk thru the basement!

Now, when we are ready to downsize and move on with our lives, we will be able to – with greater ease and confidence.”

Elly, Rochester
Elly, Rochester Rochester, Michigan
Living Room - Before

Most of these items do not belong in the room they are currently in, and the front door on the left in not accessible.

Living Room - After

Items were moved to the rooms they belong in, and shelving was put in place in the space behind the door which was used for overflow of kitchen items.

Office - Before

The environment was too cluttered to work effectively.

Office - After

Clutter was eliminated from the desk and surrounding area, the file cabinet was moved from across the room for easy access from the desk, and a file management system was created for the papers.

Basement - Before

Things were not in any order or easily accessible.

Basement - After

We organized things and made them easy to see and accessible.

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