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Simplify It LLC
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by Sara G. on Simplify It LLC

Theresa was a huge help with my recent local move. I was 6 months pregnant trying to sell our current home and purchase a new one.  This  was already overwhelming, let alone packing, coordinating the move and unpacking. Theresa was an excellent resource for preparing for the move, along with identifying competent movers and providing help with packing and unpacking. The move would have been much more stressful and unorganized without her help.

by Cynthia on Simplify It LLC

Theresa was a God send!! She downsized my parents from a nine room, three bathroom, two kitchen home that they had lived in for 40 years to a Senior apartment. She even came on moving day with a floor plan of the apartment, measurements of how many clothes could be taken ( my Mother was a clothes horse) and helped me with the sad task of disposing of their apartment items after their death. She became a dear friend and would regularly visit my Mother at her assisted living. She continues to help me when my basement gets out of control, and I have never seen her had a bad day or moment . She truly treated my parents as her own family, and we were glad to have her with us when they were laid to rest.

by Frederick Dinser on Simplify It LLC

Theresa helped empty my Dad's place, and it would have been a struggle without her. The fee was reasonable. Tremendous energy and pride in her work.

by Chris Swies on Simplify It LLC

Theresa is the best thing that every happened to the dreaded task of moving. Not only did she coordinate the movers, arrange logistics with my mother's assisted living facility and contacted local organizations for donating items that were not included in the move. Theresa took the time to listen to our concerns and made suggestions regarding the move. She even hung pictures! I highly recommend Simpliy It! Theresa is truly one-stop shopping! Great job!!!

by Lori S. on Simplify It LLC

Theresa was highly recommended by the assisted living home my mom has her eye on for the future. Theresa is wonderful! She took time to hear what we're facing with my parents, gave me excellent direction in realistic planning, and even made some calls to connect us with a LCSW willing to delve into the hoarding mental issues before it's time to make their move and clean out their house. I value Theresa's advice, and appreciate her time and efforts greatly.

by Jim Petruska on Simplify It LLC

Theresa and her team did a fantastic job of not only helping with the move, but helping us through the entire project of relocating my Mom, as well as cleaning out the place, ensuring coordination with movers, charities/donations, and disposal of unwanted items. One stop shopping at it's best ! Theresa is also very responsive to any questions we had, and meeting the timing of the entire project as we requested. "Awesome" is an understatement ! I would recommend Theresa to anyone who asks !

by Christopher Gould on Simplify It LLC

Theresa and company were awesome when I was trying to work out getting my father’s place cleaned out from several states away! Very professional and flexible with a human touch, she assessed the situation and laid out a rational and reasonably-priced plan. It’s a testament to her trustworthiness that we worked out the whole project literally without having ever met in person! I’d recommend her to anybody!

by Lauren Hamil on Simplify It LLC

Theresa was a huge help to me. I could not do it on my own, She is a blessing to me & my mother. I would use her forever!

by Carl on Simplify It LLC

Thanks so much for helping Nancy get ready for her move out-of- state. She had 20 years of memories and things stacked up.  Going through so much was a challenge. Your team was a huge help in getting her organized, making the tough decisions on what to move, and getting it all packed up for the move and various charities.

by Sheila, Farmington Hills on Simplify It LLC

Thanks again for your honesty, integrity and friendship. You are a very special woman.

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