Living away from your loved one and trying to help them move?

Adult children who live out-of-town may not have time (or patience) to help Mom or Dad move. We do and we can.

We treat our senior clients as if they were our own parents and grandparents. We know that moving is sometimes painful, and they have items of sentimental value they don't want to leave behind. Let us help with that transition.

We keep in contact regularly with the children so they can be involved with decisions and feel comfortable that their loved one is being cared for in a respectful manner. If you feel stressed about Mom or Dad's impending move, let us help.

Theresa helped move my 90-year old mother from an assisted living residence in Southfield to a home for the elder in Farmington Hills. My mother had been hospitalized at the time, and the move involved packing, disposing some items to charity, and re-installing the remainder. The move went flawlessly, perfectly, on time, in one piece, with little stress or strain. Ms. Brune brings a type of understanding to her work that I associate with administrators and top managers.

Neil B, Brookline MA 

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