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 by Steve W.

Theresa and her team did a fantastic job working with my wife in the planning and organizing of the move for my 94-year old mother-in-law, who was resistant to leave her condo for an apartment in a senior living complex. Theresa, her team, and the movers; she recommended, were compassionate, professional, and through during the entire process. We could not have done this move without Theresa’s help. Thank you!!!

 by Allan C

As the executor of my Mom’s estate, one of my biggest tasks was figuring out how to move her furniture, artwork and personal items out of her two-bedroom apartment in a retirement community in Novi, MI to various local charities, and arranging for the shipping of designated gifts to her out-of-state family and friends. And I live in Colorado. Given my hesitancy to travel 1,300 miles during a pandemic, I desperately needed someone on the ground to make this happen – and in short order. I was relying upon a close family friend locally to perform light-duty tasks, but the scope of the entire job was clearly too much to ask of her. Then I heard about Simplify It, LLC. and Theresa Brune.

After a brief conversation with Theresa, my life suddenly became much easier, and I could now envision a successful outcome without my need to travel. Theresa acted as an onsite general contractor dealing with planning and scheduling as well as engaging her proven and vetted vendors for moving and shipping. She also welcomed the involvement of our family friend to handle and assist with certain tasks. I now had a great team.

Being so far away, I really appreciated Theresa’s ‘no-surprises’ approach to the job. She provided very timely and regular communication; helped me with the dos and don’ts of such a move; and acted as an effective liaison between me and the movers and shipper. And not to mention help with the final walkthrough and turnover of the apartment keys. An all-round highly professional approach. Job Well Done!

Lastly, I feel I received far more value from Theresa’s services than what she charged. Honestly, I had expected to pay more for such a complete, professional, and successful outcome. Theresa certainly relieved my uncertainties, reduced my time, avoided aggravation, and provided more time for me to tend to other estate administrative matters. I would highly recommend her professional services without any reservation to anyone needing this type of assistance.

 by Andrew M

Theresa is amazing! We have been in FL and needed to move out of our house in New Rochelle NY and put everything in storage as we figure out next steps. Theresa explained to us the pros/cons of various storage options and then proceeded to call around to various companies to assess their abilities to execute our move and storage requirements. She helped us zero in on one company in particular and helped us manage through every detail of the process including understanding the various insurance options, vetting the quote, etc. If you’re looking for white glove service, I couldn’t recommend her more!!

 by Anonymous

Hello Theresa:

We could not have asked for or hoped to find a better person to help us with moving our Aunt.  You know what you are doing, you know what to ask, and you know how to get it done!!  You also know how to jump through all of the "Hoops" at the community my Aunt lives in, and you have the right connections within this community.

We cannot imagine in the middle of this Pandemic how things could have gone any better for anyone in our position - being in Florida and our Aunt being in Michigan.  Your expertise in going through paperwork and deciding what was important to send to us in Florida was on target as was the floor plan for our Aunt's new room.  You chose the perfect items for her in our absence. We also appreciate that you had a buyer for her vehicle, and that you were able to get this whole Project completed in two days.

Thanks to you and your staff for making a difficult Project seamless for us.

 by Philip M.

Theresa helped my sister and I move out of my Dad's former place in Novi. From the moment I talked with her, she gave us really good advice. The final moveout occurred less than 3 weeks from the initial phone conversation. Everything was wonderfully organized and planned. She is wonderful to work with and has a great sense of humor. I recommend hiring Simplify It, LLC.  Theresa handles the entire moveout procedure including recommending the movers. You literally have NO headaches or worries!! My sister has hired her to help with organizing and packing during her home renovation.

 by Jacqui C

We were moving Mom to assisted living from a 2-bedroom apartment during a pandemic and in a hurry. Extra furniture and goods were going to different locations. Call me daunted. From our first phone conversation … enormous relief. Theresa has obviously done this a few times before. Working only from photos and measurements (no visitors allowed during a pandemic), Theresa walked through what would fit, and what Mom would need. She coordinated with the complex, charity and movers for scheduling, and managed the sorting, packing and labeling. She knew the ins and outs of the complex, the charity, the movers. When it came time to actually do the moves (we had to go in stages), it went so quickly and so smoothly, I was home in time for a late breakfast. Throughout this Project, she was responsive and professional, yet understanding and considerate. Thank you!!

 by Robert H. Bickmeyer

Best wishes to efficient, hard working "gals". You are so easy to admire!

 by Teresa M.

I looked around my house and said that the madness had to stop. One of my friends saw Theresa’s class in the HFCC course catalog; so we signed up. After taking the course, I ran around my house and started doing something Theresa talked about - what I call a 10 minute tour. I picked things up for 10 minutes in each room. I made a big dent, but then lost steam. Again, my friend saw Theresa’s class on organizing for Christmas, so we signed up. I got another burst of energy and got to a point in the process where it wasn’t getting cleaned as fast as I wanted. I thought about actually hiring Theresa to get it done, once and for all.

Hiring her came with some trepidation. I thought someone like her would judge my house and how I let it get to that point. But I didn’t want the mess anymore so I bit the bullet and called her. When she got to my house, she was all business – let’s see what we are working with. She took a good look around and asked a lot of questions about what I wanted and needed each space to be. We sat down and she let me know what she thought had to happen and made sure that was what I had in mind, and we went to work.

At no point did I feel judged or looked down on. She was very professional and easy to talk to. Let’s face it – cleaning up your junk is not a lot of fun, but Theresa’s easy style made it pain free and we got a lot done. I was so happy with the way my office was shaping up I hired her again to work with me on my craft room. I went from totally frustrated to being able to find what I needed in her famous 30 seconds she talks about.

What I can say about Theresa with all certainty is that she truly cares about her clients and will do all she can to help them achieve their Home Sweet Home.

 by Karen W.

Theresa was professional, efficient and effective, in addition to being kind and understanding with my mother's move from independence to assisted living. She consistently reassured about the details and followed through with precisely what she said she'd do. This was a challenging move and with Theresa's handling the myriad logistical details, my brother and I were able to be more available to our mom's needs. I highly recommend Theresa as a wonderful professional organizer and move manager!

 by Andrew H., Boise, ID

While visiting us across the country, my mother was hospitalized. Upon her recovery, we determined she should move into an assisted living apartment near us. I had the job of returning to Michigan and cleaning out her apartment.  Simplify It, LLC made what would have been an overwhelming task very "doable".   Theresa looked at the floor plan of the new apartment and helped make decisions as to what to keep, and what we should sell or donate. What I feared would take a week was accomplished in one day.

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You took on a mammoth undertaking–clearing out a house full of sixty years of memories and possessions. And you became a family member to us.You offered solutions to problems. you demonstrated a “can do” attitude right from the start, and looked after every detail, putting us both completely at ease. Our trust in you was one hundred percent. We don’t know what we would have done without you. You helped make a sad, difficult and overwhelming situation into one that was meaningful to us on many levels

George A.

Theresa helped move my 90-year old mother from an assisted living residence in Southfield to a home for the elder in Farmington Hills. My mother had been hospitalized at the time, and the move involved packing, disposing some items to charity, and re-installing the remainder. The move went flawlessly, perfectly, on time, in one piece, with little stress or strain. Ms. Brune brings a type of understanding to her work that I associate with administrators and top managers.

Neil B. - Brookline MA

My friend’s condo was in a complete shambles. You were able to sift through mountains of junk, sort out the desirable from the undesirable, organize all items into categories, and arrange everything neatly on shelves, in closet and in boxes.

If anyone is ever to consider hiring you they should know that, in addition to your ability to take a mess and make it a success, you definitely have a gift for adapting and providing solutions that fit the personal needs of the situation.

Mary F. - Brighton MI

I appreciate you taking the time to speak to the seniors of my district about clutter and being more organized. Many of them approached me afterwards to tell me how your talk had really got them thinking and motivated them to make some changes with their own clutter.The event was an overwhelming success thanks to your involvement. More than 350 senior citizens attended.

Phil LaJoy

State Representative, Michigan House of Representatives, 21st District


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